Bjoin Films is a Los Angeles-based commercial production company, dedicated to sharing a love of food through film. We draw on science and art, pushing up against technical barriers in order to uncover new ways of seeing the products we work with.

Our purpose-built studio affords us an uncommon degree of control and flexibility. We obsess over details and prepare relentlessly, which allows for spontaneity, freedom and discovery at the time of shooting.

We love complex challenges, but we base our creative aesthetic on the simple appreciation of natural beauty. We strive to let this simplicity anchor our audience’s impression and our client’s experience.


Founder, Director, Cameraman

Henry Bjoin has been a beginner for a long time, and he likes to keep it that way. It’s not as though he lacks experience, he just doesn’t fall back on it. Mastering photography, cinematography, directing, producing, entrepreneurship, or mechanical design has never been the endgame; he just shows up to work every morning, excited to try something new.
Henry leads by this example of constant reinvention. He pushes every department to improve, believing that it's always possible. In this way, he’s kept his best employees and maintained exceptionally loyal client relationships. The very first client Henry brought to Bjoin Films is still with us, over 3 decades later. Henry’s not thinking about that; he’s trying to make their next project better.


Co-Director, Cameraman, Editor

With creativity running strong in his DNA, Nick Bjoin is an up-and-comer who already possesses a wealth of experience. He grew up on set and spent time in each department, learning to pull his weight in a multitude of ways. Immersed in the digital revolution from a very young age, he combines a foundation in classic cinematography with a strong command of modern visual effects. This versatility allows him to both imagine and execute bold, innovative visual ideas.